Creating a Better World

At Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc., we take our role and responsibility seriously in building a sustainable future and creating a better world for everyone. We have a huge opportunity to ensure the products we produce and the way we do business benefit the people who work for us, our customers, and the planet itself. From employment opportunities and our focus on diversity, inclusion and equity, to the production of our award-winning cheeses and creams – we do everything with a purpose. That’s our commitment to you, the community.

Operating Responsibly

We are committed to operating our business with integrity. Here in California, water remains a major issue because of the drought. Climate change is making it imperative for all of us to do our part to save the planet. We are pleased to announce a new water initiative at Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. called the Cow Water Project, a new system that will save  270,000 gallons per month. Additionally, the company installed a new, efficient air compressor to save on energy. It is our promise to you that we will continue to look for new and innovative ways to help our planet. We are dedicated to working with suppliers and partners who adhere to responsible business principles.

Investing in Our People

Our aim is to foster a safe, flexible and inclusive work environment where employees are empowered to do their best work. We want all employees to be proud to work at Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. and help us build an organization that helps us feed the cravings of our customers with delicious, authentic fresh-made cheeses and creams.

Here are some of our employee initiatives:

The Volt Institute

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. sponsors and provides financial aid for employees to attend trade school for training and attain certifications.  

Transfer to Work

If employees get hurt on the job but are still able to perform certain duties and want to be useful, Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. is committed to paying them their salary and sending them to Habitat for Humanity to help the nonprofit. 

College Internships 

Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. offers college internships in various departments to allow students an opportunity to grow and learn.

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