From the beginning, inspiration and teamwork were the core values driving the success of Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc.

It all started with Francisco

Edwin applied his management and technical expertise to create Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. a Mexican cheese sales and distribution company; selling Central American cheese products, queso crema y queso para freír. This was for the bay area and specifically the Mission district in San Francisco.


Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. started making its own Mexican cheese.


Iván Rizo, Edwin’s brother, joins the company.


Hard work pays off for Rizo brothers.

The brothers opened their first plant in Riverbank, CA.

Product quality and consistency was the main reason to have their own production facility.

They made approx $6MM, 2.5MM lbs of cheese of Mexican and Central American. Queso para freír played a huge role, as one of their most popular products during this era.


Eventually, the two moved their business operations to Modesto, California.

They were at capacity in Riverbank, and needed more space to grow. Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. was also in multiple buildings and wanted to have it all under one roof.

They chose Modesto because there are many dairies within a 60 mile range around, which has offered freshness in milk (our main ingredient).

After opening the plant in Modesto, which is four times the size than Riverbank, they kept both plants running for some time until fully operating solely out of Modesto.

Tío Today


It was always their mission to provide high-quality, great-tasting Mexican-style cheeses and creams. Today, the company has more than 320 employees and still prides itself in linking back to its rich family heritage, using Old World recipes that have been passed down for generations and traditional techniques to produce artisan-crafted, award-winning cheeses.

Currently about 15 million pounds of cheese are sold annually.

Among the most important clients are Walmart, Whole Foods, and Sysco.

Award-winning cheeses

Great quality and Flavor

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